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Do you have the capacity for more business? If you do then BNI may be for you. Take advantage of the world's best form of advertising... word-of-mouth! 

BNI members in Australia reported that they generated more than $310 million of business referrals through their participation in the past 12 months. In that same period BNI members worldwide passed more than 7.1 million referrals representing $3.3 billion of new business.

If you have the capacity to take on more business t
hen check out a BNI near you.You can find your nearest BNI Chapter by clicking on the link to the left and contact the Leadership team to arrange a visit.

BNI is a business networking organisation with 6,600 active chapters and 170,000 members in 58 countries, it is the most successful business referral organisation of its kind.
Recently BNI celebrated 15 years of operation in Australia and is a proven strategy to increase business.

 offers an enormous range of educational resources and alliances to build your business:-  
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Business Networking Events
Upcoming Events
25-May-2015 12noon
Biz Bites Session: Inviting People Into Your Network: Expand Your Circle of Influence
25-May-2015 7:00am
BNI Sydney Central & South : BNI Connect Orientation
25-May-2015 4:00pm
Member Success Programme (MSP) North West Sydney PM
25-May-2015 7:30am
Webinar: Leadership Team Roundtable
26-May-2015 4:30pm
BNI MSP Induction Training - Cairns
26-May-2015 7:00am
BNI: Visitor Day
26-May-2015 5:00pm
Canberra Member Success Program
27-May-2015 6:00pm
BNI00 - BNI Discovery Session - Public Event - Surry Hills (Cambridge)
28-May-2015 5:30pm
MSP Training NSW North Coast (Port Macquarie)
01-Jun-2015 3:00pm
BNI Discovery Session: Lower Hunter Valley
01-Jun-2015 10:00am
BNI Leadership Roundtable - Sydney Central
01-Jun-2015 12noon
Leadership Team Luncheon
01-Jun-2015 7:00am
Member Success Program Training
01-Jun-2015 5:00pm
Member Success Program: Lower Hunter Valley PR
01-Jun-2015 10:00am
Phase 1: BNI Fairfield / Smithfield
02-Jun-2015 9:30am
BNI: Visitor Day
02-Jun-2015 5:00pm
Brisbane CBD/South Member Success Program
02-Jun-2015 5:30pm
MSP Training NSW North Coast (Coffs Harbour)
03-Jun-2015 7:15am
BNI: Visitor Day
03-Jun-2015 6:00pm
MSP Training NSW North Coast (Taree/Forster)
05-Jun-2015 12noon
BNI Leadership Roundtable - Sydney South
09-Jun-2015 2:00pm
Member Success Program - BRISBANE (Afternoon)
09-Jun-2015 6:00pm
Member Success Program (MSP) Armidale
09-Jun-2015 11:00am
Member Success Programme - Bendigo
10-Jun-2015 2:00pm
Member Success Program - TOOWOOMBA (Afternoon)
10-Jun-2015 6:00pm
Membership Success Program (MSP) Tamworth
11-Jun-2015 5:00pm
Members Success Program - Melbourne East Region - Eltham
11-Jun-2015 5:30pm
MSP Training NSW North Coast (Port Macquarie)
15-Jun-2015 12noon
Biz Bites Session: Building a Passive Marketing Team: Effective 121s
15-Jun-2015 3:00pm
BNI Discovery Session: Newcastle

BNI Australia
Phone: 1300 788 286 | Fax: 08 9203 5100
PO Box 298 HILLARYS WA 6923

Western Australia.

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