Testimonials from Real People with Real Stories running Real Businesses

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Video Testimonials

Julian Robins

Through BNI I’ve grown multiple mutual relationships with aligned business professionals culminating in over $100k per year ongoing. Sales through BNI business connections now constitutes over 35% of our business and is a key marketing channel where my time, energy and marketing dollars are spent

Omar Raslan

BNI has provided a platform to build my business by exposing me to a thriving and supportive network, this has not only allowed my business to evolve and flourish, it has opened doors that have led to personal growth and professional success.

Max Kavanagh

Since engaging BNI, I have grown my business turnover over 4 fold and have 8 staff and am on target to double my business again in the next 3 years. The contacts, business and networking skills I have gained from BNI is the primary reason for my success.

Tim Allan

BNI has challenged me to determine my ‘why’ and has given me the tools to communicate my ‘why’ effectively. I’m now converting 85% more sales leads with higher value clients.

Garry Nau

BNI has helped me to identify my ideal client AND how to approach them. To top it off, I am now also a confident public speaker.

Alex Maguire

I have a thirst for knowledge and trying new things, BNI ticks all my boxes, I’ve learnt so many new skills and built amazing relationships along the way.

Bette Bradtke

BNI has been an integral part of my business growth strategy for over 5 years. 75% of my business comes from my BNI connections.

Doug Phillips

For me, BNI has been the difference between hating my business and wanting to walk away from it, to falling back in love with it and growing it. Thanks to my involvement with BNI, we were in fact able to grow it so much that we were eventually able to sell half of it off. I now do only the kind of jobs I want to do, my profit is much higher, and I am working much less.

Allesia Gardner

BNI has given me the confidence and support to start my own business, become profitable in my first year of biz and hire my first employee. The referrals from the networking group has increased my profit by 100{d913936cc75ebfc9bc813519f9f5a38a0ff1c4bc612c30c073ee77fc5ffbb328} and given me skills and clarity in my goals and direction to enjoy the process.